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ISO 9001 2008

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  There is a certified laboratory to carry out various tests on our enterprise.
 The laboratory has following equipment:

1. Atensile-testing machine has purely experimental purpose. They are designed for determination of ultimate endurance and fluidity of flat and cylindrical samples by way of their tension or compression.

2. An installation for determination of transitional resistance of an electric brush between a body and current conducting wire.

3. An installation for determination of specific electric resistance of a graphite brush.

4. An installation for determination of collector characteristics of electric brushes (the value of transitional decline and tension between two brushes and a collector (2 D И), as well as wear).

5. Ahardness testing instrument for determination of hardness of manufactured products.

6. Dynamometer for determination of wire tearing force.

7. Muffle furnace for determination ash content of electric and graphite brushes.

8. Drying cabinet for determination of moist in graphite.

9. Instrumentation: laboratory balance, vernier callipers, micrometer, and wire screens.


    Since the laboratory has modern equipment to carry out quality control of imported raw materials and manufactured products, we produce high quality products which are in demand of consumers.