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CARBON-POLYMER” enterprise was established in 2005. Exploitation of new technologies for production of import substituting products which were earlier imported from abroad has become a priority direction since the first days of establishment of the enterprise During 7 years of operation, we implemented production of conveyor lines, spare parts and component parts thereto for more than 300 varieties of graphite and of copper graphite electric brushes and products made of graphite, caprolone, textolite and products therefrom.

These productions were included into the Production Localization Program in accordance with the Resolution of the President of theRepublicofUzbekistan No.PP-1306 dated 23.03.2010.

Our products have certificate of conformity, and quality guarantee is confirmed by international ISO certificate.

It should be also stated that we are an official dealer of one of the world leaders in production of electric graphite brushes and of brush holders by a German company "Schunk".

Continuous cooperation of highly qualified specialists of the enterprise with a number of science and research institutes enabled us to introduce innovative technologies into production and expand assortment of manufactured products.

These include: paper-based laminate, glass-textolite, skids, graphite inserts for of electric railway rolling stock, melting pots for precious metals, graphite lubrication "ZhS-1".

Following big enterprises of the Republic of Uzbekistan are our long-term partners:

«Навоийский ГМК», ОАО «Алмалыкский ГМК», ОАО «Узбеккумир», предприятие ГАЖК «Узбекистон Темир йуллари», НХК «Узнефтегаз», ГАК «Узбекэнерго», ГАК «Узбеккимиёсаноат».

We also hope to see you among our long-term clients.





General Director